National Security

Killing Bin Laden was a significant benchmark in the War on Terror, but it wasn’t the conclusion.  When serving as a Combat Surgeon with the U.S. Army in Iraq, Brad saw the effects of violent anti-American activism first hand.  Whether it’s Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or other places around the world – there are still far too many havens for terrorists who want to kill Americans.  Starting with securing our borders, and continuing with a strong, able, and ready military, Brad believes that we must remain active and vigilant to ensure our nation remains safe and free.



Brad is pro-life and believes that life begins at conception.  He's a supporter of organizations that support life such as Family First and Right to Life.  Brad also strongly supports efforts to repeal Obamacare and halt its expansion of public funding for abortion.  He'll compassionately support a culture of life in America and around the world. 



As a doctor, Brad can tell you that ObamaCare is bad policy and bad medicine.   It hurts the doctor-patient bond while increasing costs and hindering access to care. As so many are becoming negatively affected by this law, Brad will continue to work with his colleagues to fix and improve upon our healthcare system. Solutions have been proposed that can work, but Brad believes that first we must repeal a bad law. Alternatives are ready that help the uninsured get coverage, increase the ability to obtain coverage, protect Americans with pre-existing conditions, and encourage physician participation.