Cites activity over past nearly 13 months and work left to do

Cincinnati, OH 1/29/14 -- Conservative Republican Congressman Brad Wenstrup this week filed petitions to run for re-election.

In a video he released, Wenstrup said that Washington is even more broken than even he expected, making it more important than ever for conservatives to fight for common sense solutions.

"We remain focused on job creation," Wenstrup said. "And that means making sure small businesses aren't so over-regulated that they're crushed out of existence."

Wenstrup pointed to several other issues as examples of his standing up for the values of the people he represents, including opposing the implementation of Common Core, supporting pro-life legislation, standing up for gun rights and speaking out for the truth on Benghazi and against the use of the IRS to target conservative groups.

"When it comes to fighting for more jobs and speaking out to defend our freedom and independence, I won't quit - I will keep going - and I'll remain ever-focused on our objective," Wenstrup said.

Wenstrup expects the campaign to rev up quickly.

"We're ready to share with voters the results of the past nearly 13 months and our plans for 2014 and beyond," Wenstrup said.  "We expect the campaign to heat up soon and we're going to be very active across Southern and Southwestern Ohio."

Wenstrup and his wife Monica welcomed their first child this past year, a fact Wenstrup often refers to as another reason for him to fight to ease the crushing federal debt that will fall to the next generation.

Ohio's second district covers all or parts of eight counties including Hamilton, Clermont, Brown, Highland, Adams, Pike, Ross and Scioto.