Here's the full email from County Chairman Tim Rudd:

First let me thank all the Central Committee members who braved the winter weather tonight to attend and participate in our endorsement meeting.  

The following candidates won the endorsement of the party:

Clermont County:

Commissioner David Uible

Auditor Linda Fraley

Juvenile Court Judge Jim Shriver


2nd Congressional Brad Wenstrup

Court of Appeals Judge Robert Ringland

 Court of Appeals Judge Robert Hendrickson

65th State House John Becker

State Central Committeewoman Jacki Block


Secretary of State Jon Husted

Attorney General Mike DeWine

State Auditor Dave Yost

State Treasurer Josh Mandel

Ohio Supreme Court JusticeSharon Kennedy

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French

The following candidates were found well qualified by the party:

Governor John Kasich

 66th State House Doug Green 

State Central Committeeman Ken Walston

I may have misspoken on several of the well qualified at the meeting. That is what I get for trying to do math in my head while people are talking to me instead of waiting for the spreadsheet from the county team. The list above is correct.

Tim Rudd

Chair, CCRP