We hear a lot about what's going wrong in Washington (and there's plenty to detail there), but how about some victories?

Through appropriations, the EPA has been cut back to 1989 staff levels. That's 2,359 employees less than the EPA's peak.

Congress has banned public funding of abortions in the District of Columbia, whose budget is set by Congress.

The United States can once again export crude oil after Congress lifted the ban.

Congress successful blocked the EPA's coal dust rule and a move to regulate lead ammo.  These efforts were made in an attempt to circumvent Congress and the elected representatives of the people and were turned back.


As we approach Election Day, I wanted to share with you the endorsements I have received from across Ohio's 2nd Congressional District. 

From the Ohio Farm Bureau to the Fraternal Order of Police, and the Chillicothe Gazette to Cincinnati Right to Life, I appreciate the wide-range of support and confidence in sending me back to Congress.

Your endorsement means the most. Over the next 2 days, please take a moment to share my name with your friends and family before they cast their ballot on Election Day.


"His philosophy is a good match for the people of southern Ohio, from social issues to national security to fiscal responsibility. He is an accessible member of the House of Representatives who listens to concerns and follows through on constituent services. He is a frequent presence across the sprawling district."

Chillicothe Gazette

"[Wenstrup has] demonstrated a clear understanding of the needs of both the country and the district." 

"Wenstrup has served Ross County well, working with Veterans Affairs officials, both locally and nationally, to help provide better service to our country's veterans. He's been an active participant, along with Senators Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown, in securing funding for the Piketon nuclear site cleanup and to help secure a better future for that area."

Highland County Press

"He has been a strong national voice for America's veterans. He has worked to help local businesses add much-needed jobs. He has been accessible. And he has been an active member of Congress."

Help the campaign

The campaign will be participating in four parades around Independence Day.  If you can volunteer to walk with the campaign, visit this page and fill out the form.  Thanks for your help!

Club for Growth names Wenstrup "Defender of Economic Freedom"

Washington, DC - Today, the Club for Growth released its 2013 Congressional Scorecard, which ranks the voting behavior of members of Congress based on issues relating to limited government and economic growth. 

To view the Club for Growth's 2013 Congressional Scorecard and all prior Scorecards, click here, or go to: 

“2013 saw the emergence of several new defenders of economic freedom as well as continued excellence among old allies,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “Some members have seen their voting records improve and will be honored this year with recognition of their efforts for the first time. While there are more champions of pro-economic growth policy serving in Congress than at any time before, it’s clear that our fight against the big spenders in both parties has a long way to go.” 

This year, 31 members of Congress will receive the Club for Growth’s Defender of Economic Freedom Award. Starting in 2011, The Club for Growth required Representatives and Senators to not only score 90 or better on votes cast in a year, but to also have a lifetime score or “LifeScore” of at least 90. 

Highlights from the Club for Growth's 2013 Congressional Scorecard:

•       Two United States Senators received perfect scores in 2013: Ted Cruz (TX) and Mike Lee (UT) – both of whom also qualify for the Defender of Economic Freedom Award.

•       Senators Pat Toomey (PA), Marco Rubio (FL), Rand Paul (KY), Tom Coburn (OK), Jim Inhofe (OK), Tim Scott (SC) and Jim Risch (ID) had 2013 scores and LifeScores high enough to qualify for the Defender of Economic Freedom Award.

•       22 current House members who received scores of 90 percent or better in 2013 also had LifeScores of 90 or better to qualify for the Defender of Economic Freedom Award.

•       Four members of Congress received 100 percent ratings in 2013. Of those, one also has a 100 percent LifeScore: Freshman Congressmen Matt Salmon (AZ-05). Congressmen Trent Franks (AZ-08), David Schweikert (AZ-06), and Tom McClintock (CA-04) all received 100 percent scores in 2013. Congressman Justin Amash (MI-03) received a 99 percent, but because of rounding has a 100 percent LifeScore.

•       Freshmen who scored a 90% or above in 2013 include Congressmen Salmon (AZ-05), DeSantis (FL-06), Bridenstine (OK-01), Sanford (SC-01), Massie (KY-04), Cotton (AR-04), Wenstrup (OH-02), and Perry (PA-04).

•       Nineteen Senate Democrats scored zero in 2013. Every Senate Democrat received a 20% or worse, and only three Democrats received higher than 10%.  

•       Republican Leadership scores in 2013 were: Boehner: N/A, Cantor: 68%, McCarthy: 53%, McMorris Rodgers: 59%, Lankford: 70%, Ryan: 79%.

•       Democratic leadership scores in 2013 were: Pelosi: 12%, Hoyer: 19%, Clyburn: 15%, Becerra: 12%, Van Hollen: 15%.

•       The highest scoring Democrat was a tie between Congressman Jim Matheson (UT-04) and Congressman Mike McIntyre (NC-07), each with a 40%. They scored higher than four Republicans : Representatives Diaz-Balart (FL-25), Ros-Lehtinen (FL-27), Grimm (NY-11) and Gibson (NY-19). Ros-Lehtinen (FL-27), Grimm (NY-11), and Gibson (NY-19) tied for last among Republicans, each with a 37%.

Wenstrup files for reelection

Cites activity over past nearly 13 months and work left to do

Cincinnati, OH 1/29/14 -- Conservative Republican Congressman Brad Wenstrup this week filed petitions to run for re-election.

In a video he released, Wenstrup said that Washington is even more broken than even he expected, making it more important than ever for conservatives to fight for common sense solutions.

"We remain focused on job creation," Wenstrup said. "And that means making sure small businesses aren't so over-regulated that they're crushed out of existence."

Wenstrup pointed to several other issues as examples of his standing up for the values of the people he represents, including opposing the implementation of Common Core, supporting pro-life legislation, standing up for gun rights and speaking out for the truth on Benghazi and against the use of the IRS to target conservative groups.

"When it comes to fighting for more jobs and speaking out to defend our freedom and independence, I won't quit - I will keep going - and I'll remain ever-focused on our objective," Wenstrup said.

Wenstrup expects the campaign to rev up quickly.

"We're ready to share with voters the results of the past nearly 13 months and our plans for 2014 and beyond," Wenstrup said.  "We expect the campaign to heat up soon and we're going to be very active across Southern and Southwestern Ohio."

Wenstrup and his wife Monica welcomed their first child this past year, a fact Wenstrup often refers to as another reason for him to fight to ease the crushing federal debt that will fall to the next generation.

Ohio's second district covers all or parts of eight counties including Hamilton, Clermont, Brown, Highland, Adams, Pike, Ross and Scioto.


Brad and Eric Cantor at Cincinnati Jewish Archives

Brad welcomed Eric Cantor to Southwest Ohio and showed him a treasure trove of history at the American Jewish Archives.  Southwest Ohio has a rich history, and this is just one example of an organization dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting our heritage.


Clermont County GOP endorses Brad Wenstrup


Here's the full email from County Chairman Tim Rudd:

First let me thank all the Central Committee members who braved the winter weather tonight to attend and participate in our endorsement meeting.  

The following candidates won the endorsement of the party:

Clermont County:

Commissioner David Uible

Auditor Linda Fraley

Juvenile Court Judge Jim Shriver


2nd Congressional Brad Wenstrup

Court of Appeals Judge Robert Ringland

 Court of Appeals Judge Robert Hendrickson

65th State House John Becker

State Central Committeewoman Jacki Block


Secretary of State Jon Husted

Attorney General Mike DeWine

State Auditor Dave Yost

State Treasurer Josh Mandel

Ohio Supreme Court JusticeSharon Kennedy

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French

The following candidates were found well qualified by the party:

Governor John Kasich

 66th State House Doug Green 

State Central Committeeman Ken Walston

I may have misspoken on several of the well qualified at the meeting. That is what I get for trying to do math in my head while people are talking to me instead of waiting for the spreadsheet from the county team. The list above is correct.

Tim Rudd

Chair, CCRP