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Poverty – Many of our programs are failing those they are intended to help, our nation’s most vulnerable. It’s time to rethink our poverty problem and commit to achieving results by: rewarding work, improving skills, better understanding individuals’ needs, bringing programs to a local level, fighting long term poverty, & holding our agencies accountable.  

National Security – the perils we face are ever increasing as Americans grow more concerned about their safety each and every day.  To defend our national security we must: maintain a strong and ready military, engage and defeat radical Islamic extremists, secure our borders, and enhance our cybersecurity defenses. 

The Economy – our economy has struggled to grow and millions of Americans are still unemployed, underemployed, or have given up looking for work all together.  To grow our economy again we should: stop the overregulation of businesses, end bailouts, promote energy independence, and educate and train a workforce ready for 21st century jobs.

The Constitution – our constitutional rights are being eroded by a growing federal government.  It’s time to reset the way our government runs to get back to governing the way our founders intended.  Reforms that must take place include: eliminate the fraud, waste, and abuse of federal agencies, place the responsibility of legislating back in the hands of our Congress not unelected bureaucrats, and promote transparency of our government to the American people. 

Health Care – Obamacare has failed millions of Americans and forced the rise of insurance rates across the board.  We must rethink how we do healthcare in America and it’s time to: put the free market to work to drive down consumer prices for healthcare, protect our most sick and vulnerable, cut out the bureaucracy and fund medical research and cutting edge cures, and preserve Medicare for the seniors of today and tomorrow. 

Tax Reform – our current system is costly, unfair, and complicated. It’s time for an overhaul.  Americans deserve a tax code that: is simpler and fairer, promotes the growth of jobs, encourages entrepreneurs to stay in the U.S. and new business to invest here. The IRS must be accountable, transparent, and one that puts taxpayers first.